Selling Your Car

       We are usually on the lookout for well cared for cars of the type we sell. If you have such a vehicle, please call Peter Murray on 01663 763355 with full details. Although the conversation might sound a little like the Spanish Inquistion, we ask you to bear with us as we need all the relevant facts. Registration number, number of owners, colour, mileage, condition, service history and extras are all vital. We need to know if you have the spare key, too. 

       We look forward to hearing from you. If your car meets our requirements, we will make sure all paperwork and legal requirements are attended to and you will have the peace of mind of knowing you have done everything properley. We buy a lot of cars - in February 2011, no less than forty four vehicles passed through our hands, so we know a thing or three about how to do the best for you. Try us - you'll be glad you did. We prefer to talk to you, so please feel free to telephone, but if you would rather email, please give as much information as possible. We are "people people" and we will discuss things at your pace and without pressure. Thanks!