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 Is this a record? When Mr. I. of Hazel Grove decided to stop driving, we bought his nice, low mileage car, which we sold a few days later to a gentleman in Disley. When completing the paper work with the seller, we were astounded to learn that he was 100 years of age in November 2014!  We sent him our first ever '100' card. The buyer - a local gent, get this - is 94!! We meet any number of octogenarians nowadays and have just learned that this year's winner of the John Moores art competition is spritely 80 years young Rosie Wyles. See the exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery until 30th November.                                  

    There is a local family who between them have bought no less than fifteen cars from HLG over our twenty one years in business here. Many more customers have been back for more four or five times, some even six or seven. Could it be the quality of our cars? We certainly have a reputation for cherry picking the best we can find.  Or our sensible pricing policy? There is an old adage which says that quality will be remembered long after price is forgotten, but realistic asking prices have always been our way, hence in 21 years of trading from these premises, we have never had a sale. Or our fair minded  part exchange prices? It could be a combination of these, plus our eagerness to 'match' your requirements to the vehicle which best does the job for you. People tell us our after sales service is the reason they come back; you'll have to be the judge of that, as we don't want to be seen to be boasting. Our policy of making sure your new-to-you purchase has four tyres from the same manufacturer, each with a minimum tread depth of 4mm across the full width of the tyre sets us apart from the mainstream. We don't know any other dealer with this rule on a used car, neither do we know of any other car emporium which now insists on supplying every retail used vehicle with two keys. But like someone said elsewhere on this website, people won't remember what you say, they won't necessarily remember what you do, but sure as eggs is eggs, they'll remember how you make them feel.  We want your business - of course we do, but more than anything, we want to make you happy. A car that not only moves you from A to B, but one that moves you. 

   This business has evolved during our twenty one years of curatorship and is now regarded by many as their garage of choice for all motoring matters. We have weathered several recessions, credit crunches and the like and are proud to have come through older and wiser. Our customers seem to appreciate the huge effort put in by everyone here and demonstrate their loyalty by coming back for more - thank you. Now is the time of year to consider your options with regard to your motoring. Is your present car up to the job? Do you need something bigger/ smaller/ more economical? Only you can determine your list of requirements, but we are happy to give you advice.

      By the way, when did you last check your oil, lights, water and tyres? If you haven't done this recently, please do it today. It seems there are drivers who are not carrying out this regular but vital chore. We have heard of one survey which concludes that up to 70% of drivers ignore these rudimentary checks, some of whom even rely on the oil warning light coming on as an indication of time to top up!! This is a dangerous practice - the light comes on as a result of the oil pressure having dropped, meaning the damage may already have been done. If you don't want to do these checks yourself, pop in and we'll do them for you. It is a fallacy that modern engines don't use oil - some do, some don't, but regular checks will keep you on the straight and narrow. Tyre pressures affect handling, braking, fuel consumption and soft tyres will wear quicker than well maintained ones, not to mention the likelihood of an accident due to seriously impaired steering. A quick look round most car parks will show you cars with at least one soft tyre, which is a disaster waiting to happen. Please check your lights at least once a week, too. According to another survey, around 20% of accidents are caused by tyres being under or over inflated, or in poor condition, causing sliding or blowouts. We see some horrors - let us check yours without obligation.

light out front
brake light

    Check your brake lights!  Whilst we having a safety reality check (rant?) how often do you see the car in front with only one brake light?  Now we have mentioned it, you'll notice a frightening number. We have even come across one model of car which is very difficult to start if the brake lights aren't working! Strange, but true...'phone us if you have had this problem, or want to know which car we are referring to. Get someone to check both brake lights with you, then do the same with their car, or if you are passing HLG, we'll be happy to oblige. Sorry to carp, but this is "back to basics" stuff, folks and we care about your skins (and ours!). Safe driving, from all of us here.