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Citroen Nemo Multispace VT HDI




Nemo Multispace VT HDI

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MPV Hatcback


Royal Blue


Two tone grey fabric (nice).



At last! We seem to have got it right with this Citroen Nemo Multispace VT HDi. The last couple of similar vehicles we have stocked have had drivers stopping in their tracks asking 'is it a diesel?' and moving on when we replied 'no, it's  petrol.' We are in funny times indeed. Some of the press are paying their mortgages on the back of creating sensational diesel stories and yet a friend of ours with a rural clientele in Staffordshire tells us he is selling at least as many diesel cars as before. Only three years ago, the government was advising us all to go down the diesel route... many companies went 100% diesel for their fleets. Only the other day, I read that the government car pool comprises 54% diesel cars currently (49 of their 84 strong fleet) and we aren't going to see the haulage industry propelled by electric engines any time soon. Our advice: follow your heart and do what's right for you.

We have customers who have far more knowledge than we, as scientists, environmentalists and the like and there seems to be no definitive answer to this conundrum. When we needed a small van, we bought a Citroen diesel and we have been delighted with the fuel economy and the way it drives and rides. The Nemo, with its 1,248 diesel engine packs a punch and is a delight to drive. It also has an emission rating of only 119 g/km, costing a mere £30 per year to road tax. The practical interior is brilliant fo all manner of applications. Sliding door access at the rear is simply wonderful for elderley parents or loading of household goods and it is no wonder you see so many vehicles of this type on our roads.

First registered by the Citroen dealer in Wotton-on-Edge in Gloucestershire on 21/12/2012 (no doubt a pre registration to attain a factory target) the car changed hands a few days later when Mrs. Dobbins became the proud owner on 5/1/13 and she was the only owner since then. Mrs. Dobbins and Wotton-under-Edge? This takes me back to beautifully illustrated children's books of decades ago. Imagine it... 'Once upon a time, in the little village of Melstrop Worthy, a ten minute hoop and wheel walk from the metropolis of Wotton-under-Edge, where the sun always seemed to shine and there was joyful laughter from the playgrounds and parks, lived a wise old lady who went by the name of Mrs. Dobbins, who always wore purple, as ladies who have had a lot of birthdays often do. Mrs. Dobbins never went anywhere without her straw hat, which if truth were told had seen its best days some years before, but Mrs. Dobbins loved that hat. Not as much as she loved her cat, though (the feeling was mutual) and Tiggles always welcomed her home with a 'miaou' before sidling up to her mistress and rubbing gently against her ankles whilst purring her best purr. Sorry, I got a bit carried away there; I was talking to a teacher (and regular customer here) a little while ago and we got to discussing World Book Day last week. I became overcome with nostalgic yearnings for Enid Blyton (now of couse, replaced by J.K. Rowlings)   Here goes, back to the plot...a pleasant colourway of metallic Royal Bue ( Bleu Roi, petetre?) and two tone grey seating offer a stylish fit. Whilst the car is unlikely to win prizes in any competition for sleek aesthetics, it is certainly a practical workhorse, comfy, very pleasing to drive and has a large following in all its engine options. At the mileage, there's a lot of work left in this vehicle.

We suggest a proper look at your earliest convenience. Call us on 01663 763355 or pop in and have a browse. Trade in your present vehicle, too, if you like! And there's a £20 cake voucher if you tell us Mrs. Dobbins sent you.