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This car has now gone to its new owner. This is an example of what you miss if you have a quick browse on the forecourt, assume that's all we have on offer and wend your merry way elsewhere. It is always, always worth popping your head round the door and letting us know what you are looking for, as our modest frontage doesn't allow us to display all our wares and you might miss out.

This happened a few days ago, when a couple walked round the cars and were just about to get back in their car and I waved to them and pointed at my head, saying 'Don't forget the cars I have in my head!' It was very windy and I instinctively knew I had to explain myself, as the body language was far from good. We did, I'm glad to say, get into a conversation, had the perfect car due in a couple of days and I am delighted to say that they collected their 'new to them' vehicle with huge smiles on their faces a few days later.

This 2016 Ford KA Zetec 'Black' edition came to us from its delightful owner, who brought it to show me at the weekend with her equally delightful Father. It has only 19,600 miles and looks really cool. 

Other 'in my head' cars include a beautiful 2013 63 plate Volkswagen Polo 1.4 automatic (low mileage, one owner, from a good home) priced at £8,795 and a 2014 64 plate Fiat 500L 'Pop Star' diesel automatic which looks out of this world in bright red with a white roof and twiddly bits, with only 14,800 miles, priced well at £6,995. (Serious interest in the Fiat just now, so you are advised to call before travelling any distance). There's always something happening here, so don't hesitate to ask. We talk cars all day long and are happy to help.

And of course, we love part exchange - funny how some dealers now seem averse to what we consider to be an important part of being motor dealers. We are here to make it easy for you, after all!