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VW Golf S 1.4




Golf S 1.4

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Metallic light blue





When we bought this stunning Golf from its original owner back in July 2012, we looked at it in disbelief - not a mark on it. We should have known, as we have bought two cars from this lady and they have both been (and it is rare that we use motor trade jargon) 'out of the box.'

The Golf was spotted on the forecourt almost immediately by a gentleman in Disley, who knew he was onto a good thing - la creme de la creme, so to speak. (If I knew how to insert circumflex accents on there, I would have done, but I crave your indulgence on that one.

Anyway, it has come back into our possession and we are pleased that David has kept the car in the manner to which it was accustomed - it's a terrific example. The mileage is ridiculously low at just 35,400 and the service book is a dream come true for afficianados of car maintenance; nine stamps in the book, right up to date. Not many people service a car just before it goes on the market, but this sums up the owner - conscientious.

Part exchange is welcome. Call in or pop us. Er.... pop in or call us. It's getting late and I need something in my stomach, but as we have the car and it is actively on sale at a great price ( find another in this condition at this mileage for £4,995) I wanted to share the good news with you. Don't miss mit, will you? Whilst you are reading this, the info has gone out on the Internet to squillions of folk all over the world. Granted, most of them won't get excited, but that leaves sixty odd million people who are within a few hundred miles drive of here and that slims your chances down a bit, doesn't it? We find that most of our buyers live within a 15 mile radius of here, so it is well worth getting in the car, or pedalling like fury, or getting your running shoes on - just come and have a look!!

Or call us now on 01663 763355 and place a deposit on it. What a great idea.

This car is now sold. More low mileage cars wanted, please.