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Dark fabric.



Our offer has been accepted on this beautiful 2016, 16 plate Toyota Yaris 1.33 petrol Icon 5 door manual in bright red. It's owners bought it new and have decided to call it a day on driving, having only travelled 13,400 miles in the car in three years. We hope to have it here any day.

Red is a great colour for small cars and we can't wait to park it on the forecourt, where it will look a million dollars. The Yaris has evolved through four models, each with a host of improvements, so this is a sophisticated car when it comes to noise level, comfort and driveability; a thoroughly pleasant experience. This version has a six speed manual transmission and carries an emissions rating of just 119 g/km, which to you and me means a meagre £30 gets you 12 months road tax, which is really rather cool.

We will update this spot with more pictures when the car is physically with us, but if this is what you are looking for and you would like to reserve it on a £250 deposit, you can easily do this by picking up the phone. 

A reassuring thought when contemplating the purchase of a Yaris is that you still see an awful lot of the original models in everyday use, here and abroad, so you are in good company. Toyota really know about build quality and longevity.  As always, we are happy to trade in your existing car. The weather may be a bit iffy, but when the right car comes along, you have to be prepared to answer the 'call to action,' as when it's gone, as they say, it's gone!

We have three or four Yaris models available, including a 2017 Hybrid model with only 1,946 miles, a 15 plate, an 11 plate and soon we will have a 56 plate one, which we supplied to the last owner and she, too, is finishing driving. We love these cars and are interested to hear of any others which are looking for a new home.

Call to discuss any facet of your motoring on 01663 763355. We're here to help!