Fair Play Charter


Trading Standards Fair Play Charter. (Please note: this page is now obsolete, as the Fair Play Charter has been discontinued in a cost cutting exercise. A shame really, as we enjoyed the annual presentation over an eleven year period. Rest assured, however, that we maintain our standards and are continually looking for ways to improve our customer offering.

When we moved into the High Lane premises in April 1993, we set out to operate a strict business ethic of looking after our customers and sourcing the best vehicles we could find.

In July 1999 we received a letter from Stockport Trading Standards outlining a scheme for motor dealers and repair workshops. Setting out guidelines for businesses who wished to abide by their charter for fair trading, the concept struck a chord - we knew it was just what we were looking for.

    Peter recalls “ I opened the letter, read it and something gelled immediately. I clearly remember writing on a compliment slip “ What a good idea! ” and sent the form back requesting more information and a meeting with Trading Standard Officers”.

    The High Lane team were delighted to be the first Stockport motor dealer to gain membership of the charter. “It meant that everything that we had been striving for suddenly came under the banner of an official policy. The surprise at the time was that when the certificates were to be presented at the Town Hall, only three motor dealers out of more than seventy approached had attained the necessary membership criteria, or in some cases had even replied ”.

    Even now, only six motor dealers in the area have achieved the level required by the charter, which is policed by Trading Standards officers on an unannounced basis. Stock control, due diligence checks, invoicing, warranty and compliance procedures and other areas are covered. The protection of the buying public is at the heart of the charter and membership designates a business which is prepared to stand up and be counted.

    We try to go the extra mile in every aspect of our business. Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council have recognised this, awarding the HLG team the coveted “Business Excellence” status each year since 2006. Customer service, Health and Safety, general housekeeping and environmental responsibility are all taken into account. We are “proud to belong”. The 2011 award ceremony took place on 21st of February and on behalf of the HLG team, Peter received the certificate from Hazel Lees, Stockport's mayoress. (See the Home Page for photo).

       As we have said before, all these certificates are pieces of paper. Very welcome, but we believe that the real judges of our activities are our customers.  The pieces of paper received in letter form ( and email, for that matter ) are the real signs to us that we are doing something right. Cast your eyes over our Testimonials Page for more than eighty unsolicited views from clients.


    Footnote: Over the years, a great deal of our business has been local. Early in 2009, we were approached by Marple Business Forum. Many of our customers live in Marple and Marple Bridge and our membership of the forum was a logical step. When Stockport Council approached the Forum regarding the “Cleaner, Greener Stockport” campaign, the HLG contingent was keener to hear more. Businesses who could demonstrate a responsible attitude to waste management, recycling, a high standard of upkeep and presentation as part of the community formed the basis of the initiative and we were very pleased to receive a certificate for our efforts. We recycle as much stuff as we can.