Tyre Bay

The end of an era, but seeing the positives... the tyre bay was run for more than four decades as an added benefit to our customers and the community. Disley Tyres and Exhausts for many people became their 'go to' place, for which we thank you. But the world has changed and the tyre business is not only fiercely competitive, but increasingly, legislation and other factors have made it extremely difficult to do much more than break even, for a small independent tyre business, following the trend with petrol stations and corner shops. Who could have imagined that the cost of scrap tyre disposal would TRIPLE in the past two years? We never added the charge onto our invoices to our customers, preferring to quote all in prices with no add ons. Talking to other small business owners, it is apparent that these 'extras' can amount to as much as £4 per tyre; we wouldn't feel comfortable with such a practice.

Add into the mix that it seems that there are very few potential tyre fitters aspiring to work in all weathers (and who can blame them?) the response to our adverts has been disappointing. So, after a great deal of thought and soul searching I have taken a sensible business decision to cloise the bay and use the extra space for our core business of car sales and purchase. The sales side of HLG is growing steadily and really, the decision is a 'no brainer,' which is for the good of our future and an opportunity to offer our customers an extra three or four vehicles. Space is always at a premium and this will in the long term provide a tangible benefit. 'There are no problems, only opportunities and solutions.' 

Thanks to everyone who has patronised our tyre bay over the past four decades. Many of you have also done business with us on the car sales and purchase side of things too, so we look forward to serving you even better with the added facility. Remember us when the time comes for servicing (this is really busy) and should the need arise for body repairs and paintwork, call us on 01663 763355 and we'll leap into action... we are carrying out more bodyshop jobs than ever before and make the process easy for you.

For those who have relied on us to periodically check their tyre pressures, we are still happy to look after your needs (the village garage ethos is alive and well!). All you need to do is 'phone us to arrange a time - the compressor and airline are still in place and we are happy to make sure you are on the mark with your pressures. If it's anything to do with cars, make us your first port of call.

We are always looking for well cared for, low mileage vehicles - call Peter on 01663 763355 for an enthusiastic response!

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Peter and colleagues.