Happy Bunnies

It is always a wonderful moment when someone takes delivery of their 'new to them' car. All the effort behind the scenes is worthwhile, as the owner drives away, happy in the knowledge that their transport is sorted for the forseeable future. Our accountant called us 'The HLG Car Club' a few years ago; that's just how it feels, and we are grateful for the continued support of our 'members!' Many websites show downloaded images of models; not so on ours - these are all genuine customer photos, real customers showing real emotion. It's not obligatory to have your piccie taken when you buy a car from HLG, of course, but these photos certainly capture that magical moment of taking delivery. Thanks, everyone; your expressions say it all! Needless to say, we could bore you with a lot more happy, smiling faces after 29 years of trading here, but we thought we would just give you a sample. 'People buy from people,' as the saying goes.