Paintwork & Body Repair

       The occasional bump, scratch or dent seems almost inevitable nowadays, on our busy roads and car parks. Not to worry - we have a crack team of Mr. Fixits at your disposal! Call us at High Lane on 01663 763355 for a free estimate. We'll have your vehicle returned to its original shape in no time at all - some smaller dents can even be removed without the need for respraying, depending on their accessibility.

     We can in many cases lend you a courtesy car, subject to our insurer's conditions, so the inconvenience is kept to a minimum. Have a good look round your paintwork next time you wash your car... this is often the best opportunity to spot any damage. From an annoying little scratch to a full insurance claim, one call to HLG is all you need to start things moving. We have been compiling a small library of "before and after" photographs, which will soon be posted on this page, but in the meantime, if you have a bodywork or paint requirement, please let us know. 

     You might also like the fact that we offer high quality wheel refurbishing. There are now quite a few firms offering this service, but in our experience some of these fall well short of the mark. Again, we will soon display "before and after" photos*. Our wheel specialists are keen to do a quality restoration job. Book in to suit you - if you are local, we can collect your car and bring it back, job done. Quite a few of our customers like to do this whilst they are on holiday, when the vehicle is doing nothing else.

     Suggestion: while you are having a look at your wheels, check the tyres for wear and damage (or ask our expert fitters to do it for you). If you need to replace any of your tyres, it makes perfect sense to address this while other work is being carried out, to keep "down time" to a minimum. Our tyre and exhaust bay offers competitive prices, helpful advice and supplies a comprehensive range of tyres from leading, household names, to quality budget products. This is a great time to make sure your only contact with the road is fit for the purpose. (Tyre hotline: 01663 764566)
                                     See our Tyre and Exhaust web page for more information.