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Fiat 500 1.2 Pop




500 Pop

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Dark blue



Update: this car is now sold. Please let us know your requirements.


We have had quite a few of these and they seem very popular. The dark blue and grey ones seem to attract buyers very quickly, so we are delighted to have acquired this one from its (local) owner. The mileage is low, the car looks well and we're pricing it sensibly. (There are some crazy asking figures going on out there at the moment, but we are happy to offer our vehicles at value for money prices, as we have for decades. Come and have a look - this one has the 1,242 cc engine, which does the job well. There were, as you may recall, some hopelessly underpowered examples whch the critics delighted in telling us all 'wouldn't pull you out of bed.' We admit, in all our years around cars, never to have tried this stunt, but we are happy to stock the more suitable engined models rather than their squidgy cousins, just in case any of our esteemed customers do awake from their slumbers in this manner.

All in all, a great proposition and as always, we are happy to take your present car in part exchange. Call 01663 763355 to arrange a viewing or email: peter.murrayhlg@gmail.com.

By the way, car sales have been really busy lately and we need to replenish our stock.... if you know anyone who has a car they don't need anymore, please put them in touch and we will make their wish to dispose come true, handling all angles from secure payment to DVLA