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Mazda 3 1.6 TS2




3 TS2

Registration Letter:


Year of Registration:







5 speed manual



Body Type:

5 door hatchback


Metallic red


Complementary fabric.

Sound System:

Pretty good !!


Will get our heads together and come up with something realistic when it's on sale.

Wow! Here's a bit of deja vu for you... ten years ago I went to have a look at a car round the corner, which I bought, collecting it on the day the couple were taking delivery of their beautiful brand new Mazda 3. I immediately fell in love with the colour and said, half in jest, 'look after it for me, I'll be back to buy it in a few years!' Many a true word - I'm purchasing it ten years later with a mere 18,400 miles! It's as if it is meant to be; someone is going to get a wonderful buy here. It will be with us in the next few days and if it makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, do get in touch, as it probably won't be here long. It has hardly been used in the past 15 months of lockdowns and restrictions, so we are going to collect it, service and MoT it, valet it and then offer it for sale. Watch this space! We want the first person to see this car to fall madly, unhesitatingly in love with it. Part exchange, as always, is a pleasure and we look forward to taking you for a spin. It has already put my head in a spin and I haven't even collected it yet!

More well cared for, low mileage cars wanted, please. 01663 763355. HLG The spiritual home of vehicles with the 'Wow!' factor.