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disley front pic

Twenty one years of making motorists happy - what can the HLG team do for you in 2014?


We need your stamps! The HLG team is collecting used postage stamps in aid of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People .
This wonderful charity, founded in 1982 trains and supplies canine companions for deaf handlers, enabling them to lead hugely enhanced lives. Please save yours and drop them in or post them to us. Thank you.
N.B. Please leave a little paper around each edge of the stamps, (Ideally about 1cm). If posting, please make sure you have enough stamps on the package, as we have had several examples of non - delivery. Thanks!


 Hope you like the painting - those of you who have seen our art gallery in the High Lane showroom will already be familiar with the work of this artist, Bill Hague. He is versatile, imaginative and is the first of a number of talented art practitioners who will be featured on our new art website www.murraycrescent.co.uk. Check it out and see what you think.

 The car buying and selling season is well under way and we have made a lot of people happy in both contexts. Naturally, we need to buy stock in order to sell it, so if you or someone you know has a well cared for vehicle to dispose of, we'll be very pleased to help. Do get in touch - we have bought literally thousands of vehicles over the past twenty years. Whatever the hype and hullabaloo of some of the big name buyers, you will often do far better dealing with small independents, who appreciate your business and don't put you through the hassle of "ah, yes - that was the offer on the screen, but actually blah, blah, blah..." We have bought vehicles from so many people who have put themselves through unnecessary stress before finding us. We are licensed to settle any outstanding finance and it is our pleasure to make the transaction straightforward and transparent.

FPC presentation
The garage with a history of looking after its customers. Until the Trading Standards Fair Play Charter Scheme succumbed to recessionary cutbacks in 2012, we were proud to receive the FPC certificate each year from 1999 to 2011. Pictured is lady mayoress Hazel Lees presenting the coveted certificate to Peter in the scheme's final year. Thanks very much, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council - the sandwiches were pretty good, too! 

   We see our garage, which was established on this site on 15th of June 1927, as "the corner shop" approach and if our record of repeat custom is anything to go by, it works. People come from all over, time and again and tell their friends, family and colleagues. What could be nicer? We get the strong feeling that many people are going back to grass roots, spending their money where they know they will be treated with respect and given that extra  time and consideration.

   A brilliant example of an old fashioned shopping experience was enjoyed the other day by Peter. He had bought a Volkswagen from a couple in Prestbury (previous customers) and dropped off the owner back home en route to looking at a Toyota in Gawsworth, not far from Prestbury and Macclesfield. Seeing a sign reading "local shop," he took the turning and pulled up outside what turned out to be a shop with a great story. Faced with closure as a post office, the villagers rallied round and took on the shop premises as a community general store. Ray and Jan, who were on duty, couldn't have been more pleasant and they were obviously happy in their work. Well stocked and well laid out, the shop caters for the needs of the residents and boasts home baked goods on Tuesdays, Ray's tiffin apparently famous in the area. Around forty local people are involved, twenty on the counter on shifts and twenty responsible for the  "behind the scenes" activities. Jan put together a feast on a barmcake and Peter went out of the door feeling better than on the way in - this is the ethos at HLG, too and Peter felt a great empathy with the place.

   Do you have a local shopping story to tell? We'd love to hear from you, by 'phone 01663 763355 or send us an email to peter.murrayhlg@gmail.com Maybe we could have a register of local enterprises who try that little bit harder, for the benefit of us all. Let us know about your experience and let's get the pride back in local shopping. Oh and by the way, you can click on www.gawsworthshop.co.uk to have a look at the website, which is due to be updated in the next few weeks. Just for fun, if you call in the shop and make a purchase after reading this, send us the receipt and we will refund £5 of your spend. Offer extends to the first ten respondents. What do we get out of it? Apart from a nice tingling feeling in our tummies from supporting a worthy enterprise, we know you are reading our website, simply by claiming your refund - if this happens we are happy to pay a little sum for the feedback - simple and no strings attached.

   Have a browse round our cars and remember that apart from buying and selling vehicles, you can sample our other services. Body repairs, paintwork, paintless dent removal, puncture repairs, tyres, exhausts, servicing. Whatever your motoring needs, talk to us and we'll do our best to help you. Without pressure. With a smile.