............................................................Well, folks, we've had a great start to the year.....................................in spite of the cold weather, people have been coming to look at our cars and we're delighted to say that we have made ten motorists happy, in what is commonly known as the most hated month of the year..................................don't know about January blues, we prefer to think of it as Jolly January, the beginning of a whole new year ahead.....................we've even got a couple of posters in the window proclaiming our positive message: 'make this your year to remember!'..................................for all you early birds out there, if you are thinking about a change of car, we'll be delighted to see you................dress up warm and come and have a gander..................or if you have no transport, let us know what your heart desires and we'll bring it to you..................................just pick up the phone, dial 01663 763355 and your transport of delight will appear at your front door........................................when A.P. took delivery of her TENTH consecutive HLG car a few weeks ago, she told us every car she has bought here has been brilliant..........................we are over the moon to hear it.................as I type this, Malcolm is handing over a set of keys to a lady who is taking delivery of her third consecutive HLG car, and so it goes on..............................Adam signed up the papers the other day for a Disley couple, making their third purchase here..................it's just fantastic, the loyalty and continuation....................a gentleman from Wilmslow remarked the other day 'I didn't know garages like this still existed - I'm very happy to have found you'.......................come and see what the fuss is about for yourself............pop in and have a chat Monday to Saturday (bear in mind that Sunday is our day of rest)................................buying, selling, exchanging, we'll do our best for you.......................if we do our job right, we think it is reasonable to assume that you will tell your friends, family and colleagues.......................thanks for reading and safe driving everyone............................just to add a bit of fun to the proceedings, we have a £20 Marks and Sparks or John Lewis voucher going out to the first person to email the missing word in the phrase ' matching people and ********.' Send your answer by email to peter.murrayhlg@gmail.com  or if you prefer to phone, call 01663 763355, leave your answer and we'll call you back. Go on then, we'll provide a £10 voucher for the second winner, too....................

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front pic
disley front pic

A very happy new year to you all!

Welcome to the HLG website It isn't the flashiest site you'll look at and we won't bombard you with more facts than you need. The aim here is to put our stock in front of you and give you a taste of what we are about. We're a well established business which places customer satisfaction at the top of our list of priorities - in our book, that goes hand in hand with the personal service that a small concern can offer over the larger, volume driven dealerships. We are still small enough to be able to hand pick every vehicle we offer for sale and our high rate of repeat business and recommendations from existing customers lend credence to this approach. Feel free to call in, telephone us or send us your email enquiry - we don't bite and we will do our best to help. We recently compiled a list of the last 450 retail quality cars which we have handled, the areas we sourced them and the areas where they ended up. It makes interesting reading. If you would like a copy, ask Peter and it will be posted out  it to you forthwith. Whilst putting the list together, it transpired that our turnaround time from day of arrival to day of delivery was 19.8 days on average, which is less than half the national average, which stands at 42.2 days.The message here is, if you see something you like on the website or on the forecourt, don't dally, as you could easily miss out. We say that with some feeling, as we have, over the years, witnessed many disappointed potential customers, who have missed the boat by "thinking about it," or leaving their visit 'until the weather improves' allowing someone else to step in! We are sourcing cars all over the mainland on your behalf. Only today, as I write this, I have arranged the collection of a Honda Jazz in County Durham (a 2010, 10 plate 1.4EX 5 speed model in trendy black, one owner, 24,700 miles with Honda service history. Just before Christmas, we collected Jazzes in the North East and Hertfordshire, both of which sold within a few days of arriving here. I well remember, during that bad winter of six or seven years ago, getting a tip-off from one of our contacts in Edinburgh, informing us of an automatic Jazz SE which had been taken in part exchange by a main dealer in Aberdeen. ' Only trouble is, mate, it's up to its roof in snow in a compound. I'll let you know when we can get to it!' And, you know what? Three weeks later, as soon as we got that call, we had a trade plate driver on his way and the car duly arrived at Planet HLG (to be matched up with a new owner within a week!) We actually procured a Suzuki for a lady in Macclesfield about four years ago from a dealer in Belfast. She was delighted to get the model and colour she wanted so badly, I sometimes wonder if we got a bit carried away with that one, what with a ferry crossing and all. It all seemed worthwhile a few days after she took delivery, however, when an email arrived stating that we had put her 'in the Land of Happydom!'


You only live once! This photo might not immediately suggest a life enhancing hobby, but for the right person it could be an exciting prospect. We are looking for a caring new home for this 1981 Mercedes 380 SLC automatic. Finished in Diamond Blue metallic, this head turning classic harks back to an era of chrome, quality and a gentile driving experience. If you are a classic car owner already, or you have always hankered after owning one, come and have a look. Whilst not a concours winning contender (and not being marketed at  a concours winning price)  it is nevertheless a very attractive 33 year old, which would be well suited to showing at classic events and joining in with the runs out with like minded people. An added bonus is that unlike many classic and vintage cars, this has a good margin of safety in body strength and fitments, including seat belts for five people. It would need to be a 'friendly' five, admittedly, but at least you can take friends or the grandchildren with you. Have a look in the 'Cars For Sale' section for photos and full details, but suffice it to say that the last owner treated himself to this car for his 60th birthday and he is now 80! He now drives a smaller car, a 1 series BMW which we came across locally. So it is someone else's turn to be the curator, which at just £7,500 will represent something of a snip, we feel, for the right person. Sold with 12 months MoT and a lot of admiring glances!


We need your stamps! The HLG team is collecting used postage stamps in aid of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People .
This wonderful charity, founded in 1982 trains and supplies canine companions for deaf handlers, enabling them to lead hugely enhanced lives. Please save yours and drop them in or post them to us. We have had around 500,000 stamps dropped in up to now - thank you and please keep 'em coming. N.B. Please leave a little paper around each edge of the stamps, (Ideally about 1cm). If posting, please make sure you have enough stamps on the package, as we have had several examples of non - delivery, which is a bit ironic when you think about it. Thanks!


 Hope you like the painting - those of you who have seen our art gallery in the High Lane showroom will already be familiar with the work of this artist, Bill Hague. He is versatile, imaginative and is the first of a number of talented art practitioners who will be featured on our new art website www.murraycrescent.co.uk. Check it out and see what you think.

 2014 was a productive year and we are proud that we have made a lot of people happy. If you are in the market for a change during January, feel free to get in touch, to let us know your requirements and we'll do our best to match them. Already, two local buyers are anticipating their 'new to them' purchases in the first week of 2015, a Honda Jazz 1.4 EX and a Mercedes SLK convertible, both of which are going to owners who have passed their 'three score years and ten' and who just love life. Naturally, we need to buy stock in order to sell it, so if you or someone you know has a well cared for vehicle to dispose of, we'll be very pleased to help. Do get in touch - we have bought literally thousands of vehicles over the past twenty two years. Whatever the hype and hullabaloo of some of the big name buyers, you will often do far better dealing with small independents, who appreciate your business and don't put you through the hassle of "ah, yes - that was the offer on the screen, but actually blah, blah, blah..." We have bought vehicles from so many people who have put themselves through unnecessary stress before finding us. We are licensed to settle any outstanding finance and it is our pleasure to make the transaction straightforward and transparent.

FPC presentation
The garage with a history of looking after its customers. Until the Trading Standards Fair Play Charter Scheme succumbed to recessionary cutbacks in 2012, we were proud to receive the FPC certificate each year from 1999 to 2011. Pictured is lady mayoress Hazel Lees presenting the coveted certificate to Peter in the scheme's final year. Thanks very much, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council - the sandwiches were pretty good, too! 

   We see our garage, which was established on this site on 15th of June 1927, as perpetuating "the corner shop" approach to the motor business. If our record of repeat custom is anything to go by, it works. People come from all over, time and again and tell their friends, family and colleagues. On the 28th of May, we had a gentleman in for some new tyres on his Toyota, whose family have bought FIFTEEN CARS  from HLG during our twenty one years here. Proof positive that we care - in fact we get the strong feeling that many people are going back to grass roots, spending their money where they know they will be treated with respect and given that extra  time and consideration.


    Do you have a local shopping story to tell?  We'd love to hear from you, by 'phone 01663 763355 or send us an email to peter.murrayhlg@gmail.com. Maybe we could have a register of local enterprises who try that little bit harder, for the benefit of us all. Let us know about your experience and let's get the pride back in local shopping. Talking of which, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new neighbour across the road. Bev Love took over florist "Down To Earth" on the 6th of June and is well qualified to make the business 'rock,' having worked as a designer for Marks and Spencer and worked in London and Hong Kong before opening a giftware shop in India.  High Lane resident Bev will carry on the traditional floristry side of the business, but now stocks accessories and soft furnishings to complement or transform your home.  Well worth a visit! The shop now trades as Down To Earth incorporating Velvet Interiors, by the way.

   Have a browse round our cars and remember that apart from buying and selling vehicles, you can sample our other services. Body repairs, paintwork, paintless dent removal, puncture repairs, tyres, servicing. Whatever your motoring needs, talk to us and we'll do our best to help you. Without pressure. With a smile.

   Do you have a favourite place to eat out, somewhere you would be happy to recommend to our customers? Please send your suggestions and a quick comment about the food, service and value to peter.murrayhlg@gmail.com so we can share your choice(s). Thanks ever so.