The simple message at the moment is: we are looking for well cared for cars, from nearly new to fifteen years old, even older if it is in good working order..............................we have even helped out in the disposal of a couple of classics recently, so whatever you have lurking in the garage or driveway, let us know and we will see if we can get it on its way for you...........................................we had a call from a lady recently who had replaced her car and parked her old one in a corner of a field thanks to a local farmer, then left it there for six months! We sorted it out, fettled it up and MoT'd it, spoke with a few of our trade friends and found a home for it, so don't procrastinate, this is a good moment to tick a box on your 'to do' list and let us get'll be glad you did! us on 01663 763355 or email:

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The HLG Team: We buy well cared for, low mileage cars and estates with service history.

Vehicles wanted!
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Due to Brexit, Covid, the price of cabbage and the clocks changing, you will encounter a few large gaps in the text, so you need to keep scrolling...thanks for your patience. Our web professor is working on it and normal service will resume as soon as possible. WE ARE BUYING AGAIN! Yes, we are looking for some well cared for vehicles: cars, estates, mpv's, 4 x 4s even a couple of nice, clean vans. If you are selling, please talk to us. Call 01663 763355 or email Please note: due to a technical issue (we were kidding about Brexit, etc.,) you need to keep scrolling, as there are long gaps in this text, so bear with us and scroll away until the next paragraph appears....

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The garage with a history of looking after its customers. Until the Trading Standards Fair Play Charter Scheme succumbed to recessionary cutbacks in 2012, we were proud to receive the FPC certificate each year from 1999 to 2011. Pictured is lady mayoress Hazel Lees presenting the coveted certificate to Peter in the scheme's final year. Thanks very much, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council - the sandwiches were pretty good, too! 
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 Before you start reading our stock, please know that you will encounter some long spaces in the text, which we can't readily explain. There are a lot of inexplicable things going on at the moment, so don't worry about our gaps, just keep on scrolling! So when you come to a gap, scroll, scroll and scroll again. There is a selection of cars for sale on this page, but you'll miss them if you don't keep scrolling. Thank you for your patience when visiting our website. We can now talk with you take your service, body repair and MoT bookings in person, over the phone or email and we can discuss car sales.  (01663 763355) or email Keep scrolling down - ignore the space and scroll to your heart's content, to find more cars...gaps are appearing between some of the cars, but if you keep scrolling, you'll find them. And if you don't see what you are looking for, please call us; it's so much nicer to talk on the 'phone or in person and we will do our best to find you that smashing car you deserve.


Please refer to this page for updates - as new stock arrives, it appears on this page, then you can click on the photos.....if we've had time to take them. We don't call it 'The Madhouse' for nothing! 

Feel free to browse here regularly. We handle great cars and have workshop facilities to back your transaction; plus a reputation for fair trading. Click on the 'Kind Words' button to dip into more than see what real people think of the HLG ethos! There are 51 x 5 star reviews on Google, too, so we must be doing someting right!

Stay safe, Peter and the team. Call 01663 763355 or email  to reserve any of these....

2015 15 Smart For Four 5 door manual in a sensational colourway - black and white, with an orange interior! You really need to see this in the flesh. 43,600 miles and in sparkling condition, you'll be the talk of your road in this. Very reasonable at just......................................................................................................................£5,995

2013 63 Mazda 2  1.4 'Venture' petrol, manual limited edition in pearlescent white with dark trim. Local car with only 29,600 miles in beautiful condition........................ £Sold

 2012 62 Vauxhall Combo 1.25 automatic in dark metallic blue. Wheelcair ramp and associated fittings, yet retaining four seats. Suitable for a variety of uses. Only 27,000 miles...£6,500

2011 11 Toyota Avensis 1.8 T2 4 door saloon in metallic grey. One local owner, 64,800 miles, main agent serviced most of its life (with invoices) an absolute gem........£4,795

2011 11 Mazda 3 1.6 TS3 5 door petrol manual in metallic red. One local owner, only 18,300 miles, this is a beauty! Fantastic value at................................................. £Sold

2011 61 Fiat 500 1.2 Pop in dark blue 45,656 miles............................................£3,995

2010 60 Toyota iQ 1.0 VVT-i in metallic black, supplied by us to its last owner, 74,300 miles. These are well built and amazing fun to drive. They even, incredibly, had a connection with Aston Martin a few years ago! This one is well priced and we anticipate a lot of interest. Few and far between, yours for ...................................................... £Sold

2009 59 Toyota Auris 1.4 TR automatic in metallic grey. Supplied by us to its last owner, this is a lovely car with a mere 17,800 miles, the last owner having it used it very little. Space limitations mean that two or three of our cars are in storage at the moment and this is one such, but do let us know if you are interested and we'll have it here in a jiffy (well, three jiffies, if that's the right plural). Keep scrolling, there are more to come!

2008 08 Toyota Yaris 1.3 T Spirit 5 door 5 speed in metallic blue. Supplied by us to its last owner (as well as its predecessor and two cars to their son). Nice mileage at 48,300 and it drives a treat. Two local owners from new, a good buy at .......................... £Sold

2007 57 Hyundai Getz 1.4 GSi 3 door in silver. Two local owners from new and in lovely condition. A mere 31,800 miles and lots of history - this is another cracker! It drives superbly and will make someone very happy at.................................................... £Sold 

2007 07 Toyota Auris 1.6 TR 3 door automatic in metallic dark grey, supplied by us to its last owner, a nice low mileage example for............................................................£Sold

2005 05 Mazda MX5 two seater sports in silver. A good example of the world's most popular sports car and the right one to own, acording to the purists, with the 1839cc engine, giving it just the right amount of pep. Superb handling and steering go hand in hand with Mazda's reputation for build quality and reliability. 67,540 miles and ready for some fun. Priced at a very reasonable..............................................................................................................£3,995













More cars in the pipeline - watch this space!! If you don't see what you are looking for, please let us know, as we are talking to people all the time about vehicles and it is surprising how often we can pull something out of the bag!

Part exchange is welcome. Sales hotline is 01663 763355.    Low mileage cars with service history wanted, please.

You may already be aware of changes in the law regarding personal details retention - GDPR as it is known, an extension of data protection regulation. We assure you that no personal information is given or sold to any third parties and your records are for our own use only. When we notify you of your due date for your MoT test, this is in the form of a helpful letter. If we need to forward details of safety recalls this is for your direct benefit; your safety is paramount to us. At no time do we pass your details to marketing companies and we respect your privacy in the same way as we expect other companies to respect ours as consumers. 


If you are looking for a particular model of car, let us know on 01663 763355 and we'll add it to our 'wanted' list.

Watch this space........... lots of good stuff going on at HLG:

We need your stamps and bric a brac - and bras!! (The bras - we have had 118 bags donated so far - go to Uganda - honestly!).  The HLG team is collecting used postage stamps in aid of Blythe House Hospice . Please save yours and drop them in or post them to us. We collected in excess of ONE MILLION stamps for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People - now it is the Hospice's turn and we hope to raise the next million in the not too distant future, so  thank you and please keep 'em coming. N.B. Please leave a little paper around each edge of the stamps, (Ideally about 1cm). If posting, please make sure you have enough stamps on the package, as we have had several examples of non - delivery, which is a bit ironic when you think about it. Thanks! We are also a drop off point for your unwanted bric a brac, books, clothes, toys, anything you have finished with, which Beryl will sell on her regular market stall and table top sales in aid of Revive a Life.

A local dealer with a solid reputation -  We see our garage, which was established on this site on 15th of June 1927, as perpetuating "the corner shop" approach to the motor business. If our incidence of repeat custom is anything to go by, it works. People come from all over, time and again and tell their friends, family and colleagues.One local family has had NINETEEN car transactions with us during our twenty six years here, whilst another family took delivery of their sixteenth vehicle earlier this year. A lady round the corner has recently made her TWELFTH purchase, while fours, fives and sixes are regular occurences. Proof positive that we care - in fact we get the strong feeling that many people are going back to grass roots, spending their money with the little guys like us where they know they will be treated with respect and given that extra time and consideration. Our wages only happen as a direct result of continued business. We bought our 391st Honda Jazz a few days ago - more Jazz models wanted, please.

A couple of  interesting facts: the average turnaround time for used car retailing in the UK is 45.5 days; that is the period from taking a vehicle into stock, preparing it for sale, advertising it and the new owner taking delivery. The HLG average is a mere 19.8 days - less than half the norm. Just recently, in post lockdown times, quite a few cars have found new owners in under 48 hours from arrival, a result of unprecedented demand. This has to do with picking the right stock, relationships with workshop personel and suppliers and a reputation for being a safe bet for customers to spend their money wisely. Also interesting is that we do not, unlike the vast majority of dealers, pay any money to companies who direct traffic to our website - no search engines, no SEO payments, no pay per click or any of the enhancements which seem to underpin so many dealerships nowadays. This website is run organically and we're proud of that. Existing customers and referalls from them account for the majority of our sales and other dealers are flabbergasted, considering that their monthly spend can be anywhere between £1,200 and £3,000 on one household name search engine alone!! We'd rather spend that money on making sure our cars are properley prepared and conforming to the HLG ethos - matching tyres (same manufacturer) on all four corners, a minimum of 4mm tread across the full width (well in excess of the MoT requirement) and every car supplied with two keys. Colleagues in the trade tell us we're bonkers doing these (and other things) which set us apart, but we have proved time and again that happy customers are loyal and tell others, so we'll continue to do things our way. Twenty eight years in the present ownership and our customer base continues to grow. (Our recently retired accountant calls it 'The HLG Car Club,' which is really rather nice! It absolutely describes how we want it to be).

   Consider our cars and remember that apart from buying and selling vehicles, you can sample our other services. Body repairs, paintwork, paintless dent removal, puncture repairs, tyres, servicing, parking sensor fiment, etc. Whatever your motoring needs, talk to us and we'll do our best to help you. Without pressure. With a smile!